During admission to hospital you will be required to complete a green anaesthetic form. This is an important document as it provides your anaesthesiologist with details of your medical history. You need to fill this out and it is important that you sign the back page.


Prior to your surgery, you will be reviewed by one of the anaesthesiologists from the Brink Anaesthesiology Firm.
The anaesthesiologist will discuss the information you have provided in the green form with you and also examine you. With all of this in mind a risk analysis will be done by the anaesthesiologist and a safe individualized anaesthetic plan will be formulated for you as patient.


The anaesthesiologist will also provide you with any additional information regarding specific procedures that might form part of the anaesthetic plan for example epidurals, nerve blocks and pain pumps.

Please take this opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have about the anaesthetic as well as any questions about fees and tariffs.


We assure you of our commitment to the highest quality healthcare and would like to take this opportunity to wish you
a speedy recovery.